Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Randomly Me

Hello there...long time since I write you here. Banyak hal yang terjadi beberapa hari ini. I did cry...busy...LOL... but I did have many things to throw from here (#pointingmachest). Honestly, time goes by makes me have a significant distance from the world that I used to. I can"t stand of being no friend...I mean the closest friend that I used to have. In fact I just have a friend...and she had married and pregnant so she must be busy in her own world as well. here is my few things to throw to....

  1. My Mom...she's going to leave us. Hmm...semangat mama dalam belajar sangat kukagumi. Di usianya yang ke-50 she got her achievement. She is a Doctor in Sea Transportation majoring. And now, she plans to go to Osaka taking her post doctoral program. I wonder how do I live without mama. She always be with me in my hole life. She always be my morning, wakes me up...makes me some breakfast...mengantarku ke pagar sebelum berangkat kerja hanya untuk mencium tangannya. And she always be my night, calling me every night if I do work overtime....bertanya jam berapa pulang ? sudah di mana ? Dan...membukakan pintu disaat pulang larut. She's my everyday....and I have to ready...tidak akan melihatnya selama beberapa waktu.
  2. My refusal.... Susahnya bilang "TIDAK". I don't know what happen. Akhir-akhir ini sangat sulit bilang tidak kepada rekan kerja yang selalu memohon bantuan. In fact, I do have a pilling off task to do...
  3. My boss...my lovely boss finally hurt me yesterday. He more believing someone else than believing me as his staff. And he did it in front of my client. The fact that I have to owe is nobody's perfect...even he or she was so kind. It slapping me...and awakening me....I just have God to be admired. The one that never betrayed me. But thanks God...you give him to me as my boss since he could teach me many things and gave me many experiences.
  4. My time...I do have a problem in managing time. I have 24 hours...the same time that everybody has. but people can enjoy it. 
  5. My Job....owww....rasanya pekerjaan kini sudah jadi dunia baru yang memisahkan banyak hal. ketika masuk ke dalamnya banyak hal terlupakan. Lingkungan...teman...kehidupan sosial. Demi lembur no attending friend's wedding...demi lembur...no time to refreshing my own self...demi lembur gives my timeless family day....
  6. My friend...do I have many friends ? Yes I do have...A lot of friends....how about the closest one ? Nope ! I already realize it yesterday when I got my problem in office. i don't know to whom that I have to share my pain. So i decided to crying in the toilet alone...hahaha...what a pitty me.
  7. My love...hahaha...I'm not falling for someone right now. I'm just waiting for it...and hopes he does "the conversely"
  8. My Soul...I do have a distance to My dear God. I lose my soul in every worship...I hope God would get it back to me...so I could love HIM in every breath I take.

And finally....I have nothing to say now...


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