Jumat, 09 November 2012

Still Not Moving On

Do you know ? You give me something to remember in all my life. You don't have to try so hard to find it. It is you. I know it was a couple years ago. Time goes by...we change, like people always do...

I felt hurt and I know you regret it even you still confuse why you have to regret it. I didn't know if we could say that we have time together but...I think I have so many haps and occasion with you. I treasure it here...in my mind.

I have my own life now...and you have it so. But people said you still look back. If only you didn't walk to the other way, because they said you feel it. Feel what I really wish you feel in times ago.

Years by years...I think it fades a way. That feeling's gone...but when people reminding me to you. I know I'm still feel it, even it's not as big as what I used to. Because I appreciate us in this present....

You...You..and still you. There was no one else can really take you out of me.

It makes me smile....yes, I do smile tonight while remembering you. And it takes my self to realize that I'm still not moving on.

Me, retrieving you "GI"


janiratna mengatakan...

jadi teringat pada kalimat yang pernah kubaca dulu : Mengingat ialah cara mengadakan sesuatu yang bahkan sudah tidak ada...... :) segeralah moving on sayong...

Grace Amaliah mengatakan...

Still can't !!!

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