Kamis, 10 November 2011

Letter To Den #2

Dear Den….

How’s life there? Do you still drafting some houses plan? Here, when I’m doing my houses drafting it always remains me to you. I always say : Hey, I’m a civil engineer…I just make the analysis and let the architect do the drafting. And I know you’ll say the same thing…you prefer drafting than analyzing.

It’s been so long since we never chat anymore. Do youget stress often like you used to? How many deadlines do you have in a month? Do you still pushing yourself doing your sideline? Ah, c’mon…no matter how stress you are please don’t ever drink too much with your friend. I’m afraid when you get drunk, you said you’ll feel sick after drunk and sleep in a whole day. I know that you still spending time in Mall of Asia on Friday nite, it’s better than drink, Den.

I remember we used to talk about the weather ? How’s there ?Do the Typhoon still hits Imus ? I remember you couldn’t go to Manila for work because you had to clean up your house after the hitting typhoon. Here the rain begins to fall often, I have to prepare my coat during riding my motorbike. I like rain, Den…but I do like the hot as well coz it remains me with all the funniest thing that you ever tell me. Do you still sleep with a full blast fan ?hahahah…don’t forget to wear your pajamas.

I still love to watch or read many things about Philippines even my times are limited since I get my new job. Eventually, I do understand about your job now…I do understand about how you should say sorry to me if you got late to reply my message a year ago. I used to wait in front of my computer every nite just for your message…. And then felt sad after checking my inbox, there’s no msg from you. I feel it now, Den. We both don’t have our time anymore. You said that we should live in our real social….but what’s the real ? I feel all the things are real between us.

Do you remember our dream ? We’re gonna be a multibillionaire so we can go to visit everyplace that we want, we can spend money , have fun and shopping till drop, we will never say “mahal” and “murah” anymore… . I’m going to buy a cruise so I can sail to the Philippines, pick you there then we could trip together…hahahah

About chocolate, do you still like it ? Lately I do eat chocolate the most. Ah, I can’t stand to control my appetite right now. Do you still gaining weight ?hahahah….we should keep our diet program.

Mmm…what else ?ah, do you still go to the church often ? you should ! It’s a must. Even you said that you can pray everywhere. I pray for you, Den…You’re a good guy, so I believe that you’re in His blessing. I remember the time we spend before Christmas,
Along time ago I opened my FB and found your pix with a girl. I saw your pix with her the most. Is she your new gf ? Ah, finally you have someone there. I’m happy for you. Really, I do.

But the most important thing that I want you to know is I miss you. I miss to talk to you. I miss read your message. I miss our chat which makes us stay up until early morning, I miss when our mom interrupt our talk, knocking our door and yell to make us go to bed. I miss your pix…the pix which you take everywhere you be or the pix which has a good moment for you. All that things make me feel by your side, seems like I’m with you and see everything you see…I miss listening your voice, I miss your “hahaha…” I miss your strange accent, it makes me force myself to listen you English carefully. I really want to call those memories to come back. So Den…do you miss me as well ?

From me to my never lasting friend, Denmark Lara....
with Owl City - Galaxy repeating on my headphone :)


janiratna mengatakan...

Membuatku teringat pada teman2ku tersayang di Kota Pahlawan. Entah kapan dapat bertemu dengan mereka, padahal.. ini hanyalah persahabatan antar kota, bukan antar negara seperti yang kau dan dia miliki..

Grace Amaliah mengatakan...

hehehe...he's my special friend at all

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