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Letter to Dhen : Through My Eyes (Part 1)

Dear Dhen in Philippines...

Sorry to post this late. I had promised to upload these photos ASAP to show you some places that I visited when i left Makassar. Coz u had showed me some places there through your pix and you asked me to do the same way for you :) Here are some photos for you...

I didn't take some Jakarta's photos coz I bet for sure it just like Manila. Here some photos to prove it :

Well, not only Jakarta and Bandung but also some small cities between both of those cities are interesting. Here is Bekasi City. I always come to this city with my Mom when I lived in Bandung more than 10 years ago. My deceased grandpa used to live in this city.

hahaha...you can see Mall every where here. I think this could be The Mall City of Indonesia

Here is when I tripped to Bandung. I always enjoy the trip to Bandung... I like the beautiful scenery around the the street with the fresh air every where.

I'm sorry coz I took these pix on the Bus

look at the mountain range ! actually it's not a mountain...it just a huge hill, but people there like to say "gunung" means "mountain"

on top of the hill there is a vast tea plantations as far as the eye could see

Tea plantations....do you like drink tea ? u can make a lot here :)

In this place, there's a different method in farming than in Makassar and some other places in Indonesia . Look at the farm first :

Indonesia is rich in agricultural products. Most of the livelihoods of people in the village is farming. Farms in Indonesia are not only found in the lowlands, but in the highlands was also used for farming. Therefore, the form fields here to form clusters with staircase-steps. This the method used for the mountains. This method is called "terraces or terasering (common Indonesian people said) ", where rice fields are made like a ladder to facilitate the drainage of water from the mountain top.

The white truss is a railway line built on the terraces rice field . This railway line connecting road between two mountains which is a rail route when we will enter the city of Bandung.

That's all for this posting , I'll show you the next places on the different pages...Hope you could enjoy to see Indonesia, my friend :) See Ya !


eLFiRa aRisanti mengatakan...

cool :)

Grace Amaliah mengatakan...

Thanks ^^

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