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The Great Pal Denmark Lara

Wanna share something about my best pal from Philippines. I guess this is interesting since I never get a serious pal in making me learning many things not only about conditions in other country, culture, language, religion, history, social and economic backgrounds but also how to appreciate all the differences between people.

This is a different case in how I know Lorie, my other friend from Philippines as well…Well I don’t know about him exactly…I just knew him from cyberspace, from a social networking…But I promise that I never expect that I love to be his friend ^^ It's like a proverb "Don’t judge a book by its cover"...At least....Even I still don’t know him in real.

I remember it, it was late on February when I found him on my FB friend request. And I remember that I almost click “Ignore” for his request. Hahaha…it’s not becoz I’m arrogant with stranger people, but honestly before his request came I already experienced a bad conversation with someone. Someone from Turk, just feel desperately with foreign people who doesn’t know speak English even for a bit. Ah, supposing I could speak Turkish…. T^T

At first I think he’s a female…look his PP at that time :

Waddaya think, guys ?

So I click our mutual friend and saw Shane Cherreguine over there…Immediately I guess, he’s a Korean lover like Shane. I like Shane, she’s a nice girl…Felt doubt with the ignore button…I didn’t wanna trap with Korean discussion anymore, so I close FB’s window…just put off him.

After a week or more (I don’t remember exactly), I opened my FB coz so busy with Organize Committee of MICCE (Makassar International Conference on Civil Engineering), I saw him (I think HER at that time) again. It took a while for me, staring his picture and considering him to be confirmed or ignored. So I decided to confirm him and thought it’s easy to remove or block him if then I feel uncomfortable. What the thing that made me confirm him? Just becoz I need to improve my English since I felt so tremendously disorder when spoke with foreign people in MICCE.

He’s the one who sent me message first. It was 17 March 2010…when I checked my FB and confirm some new foreign friend in MICCE. I found his msg which explained that he’s name is Denmark Lara and he’s a draftsman in Makati…and he is FILIPINO.
Philippines? I immediately remember my best friend Lorie and greet him in a slight Tagalog. Hahaha…he said that I’m so impressive. What a great compliment from a new friend. Felt a little curious, I opened his profile and saw that he is a MALE not a FEMALE….hahahah. In fact, he’s Shane’s ex-BF.

So that was all the things began….

We began to start a simple conversation via FB msg every night, yeah I think every nite he wrote to me coz I used to sleep earlier before and found his msg in early morning. Started with the currency…OMG, I was so embarrassed to explain how poor Indonesian currency in dollar. In practice, approximately 1 PHP = 200 IDR. It was so funny when we comparing most of Indonesian prices with Philippines prices, from an egg’s price to a house price, from the lowest to the highest salary of us.

From the currency then we talk about our family…and religion. Ah, it was a long discussion since we knew that we have a different religion. Honestly, we feel like there are still many conflicts between Muslim and Christian…he ever asked me if I will accept him in the way he is as a Christian. Well, it’s like I had made a big mistake with his religion status. I felt guilty…of course I will, he’ll always be my friend…and I don’t have any reason to hate him just becoz he’s a Christian….and I always try to make him see me in a different way like most of Christian saw a Muslim in bad opinion. Both of us live in a country which has a religion’s conflict issues, so no matter what the conflict…no matter what the issue… we both agree to face it with our open minded. Thus, I never feel object when he ask me about Islamic rule and wanna know my opinion about Islamic condition nowadays, and he did as well when I ask him about Christian.

Up to religion, then we talk about politics (most of Philippines politic system...well it made me admire Gloria M.Arroyo), history, culture, our occupation, our hobby and bad habit...so much about us. I remember the first time he made me LOL in the middle of the nite on my bedroom. It was an easter nite when he msg me and tell me about his bad habit. N then I know that he’s so nice and hilarious even he’s not aware about that…and I was so happy when he got a free wifi at his office. So we could switch our msg as much as we like.

Ah, yah…he taught me to learn Tagalog a little. He really makes me interest to The Philippines. I never thought before that I could enjoy reading Wikipedia about Philippines due to his direction…this is far from my expectation since I learned history in my high school…I never interest with Philippines even this country has a great bilateral corporation with Indonesia, and had supported Indonesia to form ASEAN in its first time history.

Honestly, at first time I just reply his msg just to appreciate him as my overseas new pal. But then, it seems like I’m a little addicted with his msg after all, I recognized it when I didn’t receive his msg due to his bustle. So every night I sit in front of my laptop just to check his msg.


Hahaha…I don’t know why, but I think I like him with his stories. It’s like I really see Philippines from “his eyes” and be around him with all stories and pix that ever he sent.

These are some of his pix that he ever invited me to see "Makati Skyline" (well, it resemble with Owl City's song tittle, hahaha) ...and my first expression is "WOW !!!" coz it's not everyday that I can see these view in my own hometown, Makassar. In fact, Makassar is so far with Makati not only with the spaces but also in its growing development progress and ahhh....whatever, I cant compare it. Please look at Jakarta than you can compare it with Manila....hahahaha

No...it's not him. Just stay focus with the street surrounding many trees. He told me that these pix are the way to find his house. tsk...tsk...tsk...i still wondering how he could pass this street every night.

His way home...hahaha...basketball field... if it's in Indonesia, we'll playing football here for sure.

Next, ah...I know this might be a bad idea to upload it. But I think this is interesting, coz if you look those pix above it seems like he tried to take us in his tour.... See this is his house.

Sorry...it's a little blurry coz it isnt in its original pic size. So bad coz this posted from FB's msg. See the mangoes trees behind ? Those make him has a bad internet connection...hahhaa...maybe someday he should cut it off.

This is a recent pic that he sent me about his Christmas Tree's decoration at his office. Ah, so nice ....

Being curious ? hahaha...now, proudly present. This is him :

And this is for fun....we both love $MONEY$ !!!! hahaha...in fact we had a silly promise to ourselves to become a millionaire someday.

You know what guys ? honestly I'm still not satiesfied in showing you all these pics...coz for me it's so much not enough to share what he had told me about Philippine, need more...more pics to describe it. But all the pics must in his permission of course. I hope next time...i could upload more pix with his help in snapping/shooting and his generous to share and post 'em to me.

Well, some friends in lab always ask me if sometimes I laugh my self in front of my Lab's computer...so one of them snapped me and show me my expression while chat or read Den's msg. Ow, I swear Den could make me LOL in unexpected time ~~~lucky me, this pic just when I got smile on my face.

Thank you for being such a great pal for me Denmark....like you had remain me in a great song

NB : All pics are in Denmark's permission...taken from Denmark Lara's Albums


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