Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Things He Doesn't Know

1. He's unique, one in a million

2. He lives in his own world

3. He's creative

4. He's smart

5. He's funny

6. He describes many things in impressive way

7. He makes a great poem

8. He writes a great story

9. He has his own conspicuousness

10.He makes me laugh many times

11.He says many things that people couldn't say

12.He makes me smile

13.He makes me happy when see his smile

14.He makes me like the way he look at me

15.He makes me like the way he smile at me

16.He always apologize

17.He's a good adviser

18.He cheers me up when I'm down

19.He calls me with different nickname many times

20.He makes me don't understand about him

21.He like weird things

22.He has a high quality sense of humor

23.His English was so quite excellent

24.He makes me feel comfort beside him

25.He makes me loosing him when he's gone

26.He makes me to lean on him

27.He's a good guidance

28.He always asking help to me

29.He dare to have a bet with me

30.He ungrudgingly give in to me

31.He makes me won't forget him for the rest of my life

32.He makes me respect him coz he respects me as well

33.He makes me love the way he call me "dear"

34.He makes me like all the songs that he like

makes me love the way he put his headphones on my head

36.He wait till I finish to hear his music, smile and ask me "how's that ?"

37.He cares when I got sick

38.He makes me confuse with my feeling

39.He makes me admire him

He makes me do like him


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