Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010


I know it's not the time to introduce myself. And now is not that special moment for me to show myself. But I think this is a remarkable metamorphosis from a human. I'm from infants to 23-year-old.Who would have thought that foregone I was a cute baby girl. At least maybe it's only me who think that I was very cute. LOL~~~
With Mommy and Ayah in Narmada

Starting a happy little family with Mommy and Ayah

Little vampire who likes to bite ... Hahhaa ... My hobby is biting ....

Cute...Blue Baju Bodo...I miss this moment, my parents just be mine and I'm just their only princess :)

13 years old when I realized that I was not a kid anymore

Here I am at the age of 23 years now.
Time has made me not realize this metamorphosis. Thank you, Ayah .... Thank you Mommy.
...Thanks God ....


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