Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

How could I speak those languages ???

There are some people who ever ask me, how many languages are your strengths?LOL~~~ I have no strength in other lang except Bahasa Indonesia. I swear that I'm not good in speaking foreign lang, even for English....I tell you with plain that I'm still trying to achieve my highest TOEFL score on 500. And I still cant speak English fluently.So guys...stop saying I'm great, because I do not like what you think. Even now I still pleading for help to the Google translator.

The only thing that might be my strengths is I have a willingness to learn a foreign language, practice it and never embarrassed by the limitations of my ability. Why I do not feel embarrassed even if I am wrong and maybe there are people who laugh at my mistake, it's all because I DON'T CARE....Foreign language is not my language. I am a citizen of Indonesia, where I've pledged myself to speak to each other Indonesian youth, namely BAHASA INDONESIA.

That is why, I was never ashamed. But otherwise I would be very embarrassed if I can't speak Bahasa Indonesia, while I am the Youth of Indonesia.

One day I met a Filipino guy who immediately greeted me with
MyEm0.Com:Apa kabar ?

I'm just surprised because he knew my language. Then suddenly he said
MyEm0.Com:Kamo cantik, ako sinta padamo

Well...hahaha...if only he was an Indonesian guy I've glared angrily to him, how could he said that statement ? Moreover, it was my first day to met him. For Indonesian girl like me, it was such an impolite statement. But instead, I just smiled at him and correcting his Bahasa Indonesia.

MyEm0.Com: It's not "Kamo cantik, ako sinta padamo" but "Kamu cantik, aku cinta padamu". Do you know the meaning ?

MyEm0.Com: Yes, it's "nice to meet you".

MyEm0.Com: Hahaha...no it's not ! It is "Maganda ikaw, mahal kita"

MyEm0.ComThen it was he who back surprised, because I speak in his language.

So now, how could I speak Tagalog, Melayu, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Indian and other lang ? Ah, do not think that i'm expert in 'em. No, I'm poor. But I like to greet somebody in their own lang...just to appreciate 'em and make 'em proud to their lang. It's like when the filipino guy greeted me.... Here my tips !

Step 1 . Show your interest in learning foreign languages and be courageous to speak up . Because if there is no interest there would be no willingness to learn. Force it would not be fun.

Step 2. Find a place of quality language courses to learn, or if you want to learn on your own, find a friend who can teach you.

Step3. Look for friends who come from the same country with a language that you want to learn. Find some overseas friends. The easiest way to get 'em is by social networking on the internet.

Step4. Be nice to your overseas friend...should never be ashamed to speak and say hello.

Step5. Invite them to discuss and ask them to occasionally use their language. Look for a fun discussion topics which is suitable for you to talking about, so you do not just learn about the language ... you can become a real friend and exchange information and share knowledge about anything as well.

ah, I cant guarantee this tips...but honestly, this is the way I make my overseas friends and learn their language. Good Luck !!!


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