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Hana Tajima...My New Inspirator in Hijabi Style

It was three days ago when I was looking for a new style for my veil...actually I'm looking for a new Hijabi Style. I was googling it but I found nothing to make me satisfied...and then I saw HANA TAJIMA at StyleCovered . She is amazingly charming....

Hana Tajima

At first I thought she's from Malaysia, but I was wrong coz she is Eurasian (Japanese-British). And she has the same age with me 23...God, she is impressing me so much in her age and with her talent in fashion. She converted to Islam 5 years ago and she really wanna do Islamic Syar'i in the right way, including wearing hijab (veil).

This is a lot of things that I ever read from :

Hana Tajima is a 23 years old British Japanese designer who converted to Muslim five years ago.

Skaisthenewblack.blogspot writes, "She has wicked style, a very elegant and chic and yet somehow, modest".

On Hana advices that, "Don't get caught up in what looks good on other people, just to fit in. You have to find something you're comfortable with, a look that expresses your personality."

"For both of us, she is one of a kind. She has been a great inspiration for us.
Believe it or not, HijabScarf was born after a long talk admiring her style."

Now, she is running her own line Maysaa. The clothes are truly inspiration and of course modest.

For HijabScarf, she is willing to share her thought the moment she start wearing hijab. We can learn not only her style but also her resoluteness and her faith on wearing hijab.

1. Tell us the moment you decide to wear hijab ?
I started wearing the hijab the day I took my shahada. I came to Islam in a really natural way and it was all a part of that. On a personal level it was a good way to distinguish what had gone before in my life, to what was in front of me.

2. What did you feel the first time you go out with your hijab on?
Without sounding too conflicted it was very real and very surreal at the same time. I was on my way to take my shahada, I was with my brother who is a photographer, so he was taking pictures of me. The way that it felt so normal, and that I was so at ease was why it felt strange. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it felt like this big thing in my mind. When I stepped out into the world it was as if the universe said “We’ve seen far stranger things” so it really wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it might have been.

3. You stated in your blog "Being a Muslimah in a western country can be a bit daunting especially when it comes to the stares! I wanted to create something that would help Muslimah’s everywhere keep motivated." How do you motivate yourself especially from the stares?
I think I’ve become less self conscious, and with that whether it means people stare less, or I just don’t notice it I guess it’s the same. At first with the way I was dressing I felt out of my skin, and that discomfort, however slight, is easily picked up on. Of course there are days when I get someone giving me critical stares, but I know why I dress the way I do, it’s a constant affirmation of what I believe. I suppose you have to accept that people will project their own misconceptions on to you, but don’t ever let that get in the way of what you want to do.

4. What changes do you notice within yourself or around you after wearing hijab?
The biggest change was in people around me, even close friends. I can understand that with all the connotations that come with hijab people were slightly uneasy with it. Almost everyone pretended it wasn’t there, but really badly pretended, like you could tell that was all they were thinking about. As I got more comfortable with it all, people were more relaxed. In general it takes about 5 minutes for someone to stop thinking ‘why would she wear that thing on her head’ and actually have a conversation with me. For me it’s never been much of an issue, it’s just a thing I wear.

5. How does StyleCovered affected your life?
It has had such a positive impact on me. Just to know that other people are going through the same mental processes as me, and that they get what I’m trying to do. It’s a very steep learning curve in terms of style and creativity. When you put yourself out there like that and you see it everyday you become very aware of what you like and don’t like. Maybe I’ve sketched something I thought at first was just ‘OK’, after seeing it for 5 days I think, actually I’ve kind of fallen in love with it.

6. Can you describe your style?
I never really know what to say when people ask me that. I suppose because it’s such a strange mix. One day I’ll be channeling old Hollywood glamor and the next I’ll be obsessed with 90’s rock/grunge. I tend to keep things understated and simple, maybe that’s my Japanese roots. I’m really drawn to juxtaposition as well, like throwing a vintage leather jacket over a girly floral maxi dress.

7. Tell us your most fav must item and item that you avoid to wear?
It changes almost weekly, but right now I’m living in the MAYSAA jersey maxi skirt and oversized vintage denim shirts. Although I’ve just got through some new samples which I’m totally besotted with. I avoid anything that’s uncomfortable to wear, apart from when it comes to shoes, I have a beautiful collection of insanely high-heels which I wear pretty much constantly!

8. Some says being stylish is about high expenses, meanwhile Islam teach
us to be modest. what do you think about this?
I am definitely stay away from overt displays of wealth. Clothes should be timeless and not something that will be thrown away after one season. I think that’s why I have such a connection to vintage clothing and what I always try to put into my own designs. It has personality and you can interpret it to become a part of your own style. I love how this goes against the logo laden image of fast fashion and makes it less about buying style.

9. What do you think about hijabi in Indonesia compare to other Muslim countries?
I get so much inspiration from Indonesian girls who wear hijab. In fact South East Asia in general has such a depth of culture it’s so captivating. The way you guys do colour is unlike anywhere else, and it’s something I’m trying to put into my own style. It’s amazing the self expression and variety of style, it’s something very close to my heart.

10. What inspire you to create maysaa? what went through your mind?
I’ve been designing from about the age of 5, both my parents are artists so it was a very creative environment to grow up in. MAYSAA is a beautiful culmination of all my creative expression and personality. I can’t say the clothes are just for Muslim women, or for non-Muslim women because my life has been a mixture of being both. I love designing from a very personal perspective, I want it to mean something to me and by doing that hopefully it will mean something to someone else too.

wide lag jeans and loose trouser

maxi dress moslem fashion

headsraft hijab style

vintage style

stripped style

I really want to work it seems, because I'm so admiring her....


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