Minggu, 26 September 2010

Wish Me Luck (Result Seminar)

Dear God...
Please give me the ability to face tomorrow.
Cover all the shortcomings, limitations and weaknesses.
Keep me from all sorts of vanity even if it's just a piece in my heart.

Tomorrow is my first fight

Tomorrow is my first battle
It's just a war to win my parents proud of feelings.

Please God, make my way easier...

Coz I can't do something better without Your help...

Lord.... help me from all the mistakes, weaknesses and limitations.
Open up my heart,for your help to fill it.
Protect mefrom the selfish people who want to destroy me and put their anger in me....

Wish me luck for tomorrow...Amin.


d. mengatakan...

aminn.. wish you all the best laaahhh... :)

Go Hyuuga mengatakan...

Thanks d.... ^^

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