Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Dear Friend, Lorie (Part 2)

This is me...for my friend, Lorelie Go Angles ...

It has been several weeks had passed since our last chat. I do not know where you are now. Are you on vacation in province again?

I'm looking for something that I could send it to you. Not through the internet again, but I'll post it to your address. I really miss the times in which we exchanged gifts ... and hopefully I can take of my passport as soon as possible. You know I have a problem with the passport.

I only have this blog to capture all that you have provided. And I want everyone to know that you are my overseas best friend. And everytime I miss you, all that I can do just staring this page...

This is Lorie's comic for me...hahah...I really appreciate it coz it means she always remember and missing me

Since we both love I try to make a postcard and write it in Nihon Go... Poor me...Poor Nihon Go and poor postcard, well haha...I dont know how to make it more creative.

This is my first time speaking tagalog...ow God ! So poor even I use translator to help me...but Lorie gave me correction with that...She's my first Tagalog Wika's teacher.

This is Lorie's postcard for me...I think she did it with Photoshop ^__^

Well, I know it's a kind of childish thing to make and send a postcard like this...haha...but I know more than that, it could be an evidance that we love each other. Our friendship is not limited by space, time and distance.

So this is what I really thought and what Lorie said, but I dont know if I write it in wrong Tagalog :

"ikaw ay ingat na hindi sa pamamagitan ng kung magkano ang pag-ibig mo,
ngunit sa pamamagitan ng kung magkano ang ikaw ay iniibig."


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