Senin, 20 September 2010

Bored.... , Myself, Denmark Lara, Wardi Bandu Tjangga 'till Weirdbot Gonbe

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Today I feel bored…very very bored…super duper bored…tremendously bored. I try to study , try my best to get concentration but my eyes are covering many stars. It’s glowingly spinning around my sight. I can’t stand for this, I begin to feel the queasy.

Try to ignore that feeling, so I open my book again. Open page per page…force my brain to understand…but oh God, I find my mind fly away.It’s not focus to the reading.

I take my paper, try to reread my research. But so much graphics there, they ‘re crack my brain and my head get spinning faster than before.

I take my phone, try to on9 from there coz no wifi here…well I hate it. I open it, and then I find myself disappointed. No notification on my Facebook and no msg. Where are you friends and where are you Denmark Lara ??? After all we act like the bird and the worm, finally the worm get busy and the bird get bored.

So I’m looking for some funny-interesting status to comment and I got Wardi Bandu Tjangga’s status. He acts like he’s like Jacob Black and her girl friend is Bella Swan. He gets me to act as Victoria…Whotta hell character…but it makes me laugh out loud…he suggests me some nick names. Ria…Toria or Victor ??? but before I choose one of ‘em he calls me VICTOR already. LOL~~~ he dreams to make a new Twilight Saga in Egypt, and he wants all of the vampire eat date to gratify their hunger, no more blood from animals or human. The vampire wont running fast coz they have to ride camel.

My Dad reprimands me, he wants me to back on study. So I close my fb and staring my book like a million times before. But it useless.

I take my phone again and texting a big word BOREDOM to Wierdbot Gonbe. Wow, he immediately reply it with a weird advice. Draw some dogs… !!!

I ask him , why dog ? he answers, becoz dog is HARAM

I ask him, so why we should draw it if it is HARAM ? he answers, I think you like dog.

I say, how could you know that wrong fact ? he asks me, so what is your favorite animal ?

I answer, it's a COW. He asks me, why ?

I answer, because I like to eat BAKSO and drink MILK.

I tell him that I hate spider. He says, I know you hate spider becoz you cant eat its meat and drink its milk.

I LOL~~~ and say, NO !!! He asks me, why ?

I answer, because it has 8 skinny long feet. He says, so you jealous with spider.

Whottt ??? I'm chubby and I like eat. But it doesn't mean that I have legs squat. Cih ! Hahaha....

I say, I have a chubby body but i have beautiful leg as well, believe it or not ! I know it's not proportional but that's the fact. The problem is...I cant show you my legs !

He asks, so what are you doing now ? I answer, I try to sleep but don't have a bad to it.

He suggest, watch football's ARSENAL at 00:00. I say, OK

He text me again and say, It's V FOR VENDETTA on Trans. I say, I know but my cousins watch SCARY JOB and my dad wanna watch MOTOGP.

so here i am, drawing some dogs and Weirdbot Gonbe eat my own BOREDOM for me!!! weird but fun. Like I make this BOREDOM NOTES, no plot...who cares, whatever coz i just feel bored and do what i wanna do. Confuse ? Do not mind me !!!


d. mengatakan...

hahhhahahah... nice!

cuz i'm bored... -.-'

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