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100 Things About Me...!!!

Thank you so much for someone who had tagged me with this quiz...I apreciate this as a way to know me much better ....

~Basic Info~

1. Real name : Anugrah Amaliah
2. Nick name : Uga, Hyuuga, Mia
3. Birthday : August 30th , 1987
4. Sex : Female
5. Height : 162 cm
6. Blood type : O
7. Hair color : Black (almost brown)
8. Eye color : Black
9. Religion : Islam
10. Ethnicity : Bugis
11. Current location : Makassar, Indonesia
12. Education : SDN Kompleks Ikip (elementary : 1993-1999)
SLTP Islam Athirah (junior : 1999-2002)
SMAN 1 Makassar (senior : 2002-2005)
Hasanuddin University, Civil-Geotechnical Engineering (undergraduate : 2005-2010)


13. Color : Purple, Every Dark Color
14. Hair Style : Shaggy
15. Food : Fried Rice, Meatball
16. Drink : Every drink with Milk, Avocado Juice
17. Book : Ibadah Sepenuh Hati by Amru Khalid
18. Novel : The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Winter in Tokyo
19. Music genre : Easy Listening - Accoustic, Slowrock, Poprock
20. Male singer : Craig David, Vidi Aldiano, Sandy Sandoro, Christian Bautista
21. Female singer : Michelle Branch, YUI, IU, Younha, Sherina, Taylor Swift
22. Band : Mocca, Ten2Five, MYMP
23. Movie : V for Vendetta, Koizora , Heavenly Forest, Summer Breeze
24. Actor : Taylor Lautner, Tamaki Hiroshi
25. Actress : Dian Sastro
26. Place : Senggigi Beach, my room’s window
27. Music Instrument : Guitar, Keyboard
28. Country : Southest East’s Country, Japan
29. Season : Rain

~This or That~

30. Soda or Juice ? : Juice
31. Music or Internet? : Both
32. Rock or Rap? : Rock
33. Dogs or Cats? : None
34. White or Black? : White
35. Cell Phone or Camera : Both
36. Curly Hair or Straight Hair? : Straight Hair
37. Lap-Top or Computer? : Laptop
38. Corded Phone or Cordless? : Cordless
39. Pen or Pencil? : Pencil
40. MP3 Player or I-pod? : I-pod
41. Phone or Internet? : Internet
42. Single or Taken? : Taken
43. School or Work? : School
44. Sweet or Salty : Salty
45. Righty or lefty: right
46. Night or Day: Both
47. Sun or Moon: Both…


48. What do you do on your spare time? : Writing, Listening Music, Watching, Online, Reading, Talking and Sleeping if I was sleepy.
49. What do you wish you had more time for? : get a high aducation, get more knowledge, get a happy family, get much money, get health forever
50. Whats your usual clothing style? : casual
51. Whats your usual hair style? : I’m wearing veil....
52. What are you wearing? : now…short and T-shirt
53. Who would you die for? : God (of course !!!)
54. Whos your best friend? : Ika, Desy, Cherizt, Ayu, Chitra
55. How long have you been friends? : Ika (3 yrs), Desy-Cherizt-Ayu-Chitra (8 yrs)
56. Do you have any pets? : I dont like pets
57. If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be? : Philipines
58. Why? : Just wanna see that country rite now and meet my friend there…
59. Ever gone Camping? : Yes and I hate it
60. Have you ever caught a fish and ate it? : Never
61. Have you ever gone water skiing : Never… coz I can’t swim..hahaha…
62. Have you ever gone water tubing? : Never…
63. Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain ? : Never
64. Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain? : Never
65. Have you ever gone Snowboarding? : Never but I want it so desperately
66. Ever gone to church? : Never, since I was Moslem…but I’m curious to enter that place
67. Do you have piercings : have pierce but not like to put earrings in it.
68. Do you have tattoo : doesn't like it and never to put one
69. Are you social or Anti-social : like to be alone sometimes but I love a group of people with me

~Private Corner~

70. Are you single or taken? : Single
71. Are you a virgin? : Excuse me ?!!!
72. What do you think of one night stands? : Almost-always happen to me…
73. Do you plan on getting married? : Of course…someday !!!
74. Do you plan on having kids? : Yes, with mixed-races
75. If so, how many? : 3 kids
76. How old did you wish you were? : 27 for married and having kid 2 years after (Insya Alah…AMIN !!!)
77. If you have to choose between same age/older/younger : age is not a big deal to love someone but I prefer to the older one.
78. When is your first relationship: I never count it as long as I’m not getting merried
79. When is your First Kiss: Excuse me ?!!!
80. Have you ever kissed a stranger ? : Never
81. Do you believe in love at the 1st sight ? : Nope, I can’t love someone that I didn’t know
82. Something good about yourself : I’m a hilarious person, speak with unfold (I don’t know this is my goodness or not), a good listener, a good adviser, friendly
83. Something bad about yourself : Moody, talkative, laugh loudly, miss. procrastinator
84. Describe your personality in one word : Imaginative
85. What you want to buy for your boyfriend : If I had enough money 1st I’ll buy him a guitar…I want him to play to me or play with me…sing me a song or make a song for me…hahah…2nd I’ll buy him a fresh perfume or cologne, I love guy with fresh smell
86. What kind of boys you love physically: Boys with straight black-haired, taller than me, fair complexioned, not too muscular but not too skinny.
87. Your boy’s races : Typically…Asian
88. Best looking person of the opposite gender you've seen so far : Christian Bautista, Taylor Lautner
89. How long will you be able to wait for the person you love : Till my love has gone
90. What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you : pissed off, sad, but I know he’ll find the best revenge from God so I pray for that…hahaha
91. Character you like : smart-could share and teach me many things, religious, hilarious, match with my character, interest in learning foreign language (at least he could speak English…hahaha…)


92. Animal you don't like : Spider, Snake
93. Something I want these days : Graduation, holiday and money
94. When you're standing in front of the mirror : I feel sorry with my body
95. How much money do you have in your wallet : Rp.735.000,- (What a horrified amount for me !!! )
96. What you don't like : Hot weather, boastful person, get insult
97. Do you believe in yourself : Wuahh….it’s so hard to answer coz sometimes I become pessimist to my own self.
98. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: Someone that I had crushed, just want to know him better.
99. Do you believe in God?: With all my heart, body and soul
100. What time is it now : 11:00 AM

I want to pass this tag to whoever supposed to be tagged but I pass it to whoever wants it. Just copy the question then answer it. Thank you for reading about myself.

God bless !!!


rahayurianti mengatakan...

hoho, full about Uga..better for me to know you now. Seems like 100 things about Uga help me a lot..Ok see you around..Keep Fighting!

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